Sometimes in life what we miss are the little things which make humanity beautiful. These little things which don’t matter for majority of population but they are good enough to make everyone believe that humanity do exist. One such small story was contributed to The Rebel Indian by an anonymous user who requested to hide her name. We are posting the same as it as and living it for users to guess as to whether the life is about big achievements or about the little things! The post is about the baloon and the driver. How a driver resorts to humanity just for a small balloon which is perishable and must have been lost by the kid within next few hours.

“It was one fine evening, cold and dark nothing unusual about UK weather. Me and my friend Ananya decided to take bus having children with us. After a few minutes of waiting , we saw a bus coming.

Come on Arnav, quick the bus is here, stop playing with the ballon, said Ananya. Hearing his mum’s quick command Arnav probably lost concentration and dropped the balloon. The balloon flew in the air resting few yards ahead the bus. Arnav got upset but having no choice boarded the bus with his mummy.  The bus started and we had gone past a very little distance that the driver asked Arnav do you want the balloon? Ananya said no no it’s ok leave it…. The bus driver applied the breaks gently, got out of the bus and got  Arnav his lost balloon. Arnav’s eyes filled with smile and rest of the passengers cheered for him. They were tired passengers probably wanted to go home early or someone had to reach in time and even the driver must have been tired of his long day shift and took to don’t care attitude but  none of them showed a remote sign of impatience. I watched with moistened eyes and that day  the driver was a real hero  to me who rescued balloon for his little new friend. Sometimes just a little gesture is enough to restore faith in humanity.”

Note: Names have been changed at the request of author.

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