On resuming talks between India-Pakistan, all TV Channels are having running commentary in such a way as if some miracle has happened. I fail to understand the projection of such an extreme hostility between the two countries, as till 1947 the people of both countries used to live together as neighbours and were the part of one nation. While reading novel Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh, I can see that the Hindu-Muslims used to live together and share sorrows and happiness of each other, but suddenly just one political decision; in fact, actuated by power-capturing considerations of a few vested interests, created such a bitter enmity between the neighbour and friends.

In his historic speech of Aug 11, 1947, Jinnah had stated: “In course of time, Hindus will cease to be Hindus and Muslims will cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense because that is the personal faith of the individual, but in the political sense as the citizens of one nation.” This statement of the Jinnah should be enough to set aside the Two Nation Theory in the sense it is understood by many.

I am the great admirer of Justice Katju’s views that ‘Pakistan Is A Fake And Artificial Country’. His plausible and impressive statement reads: “I do not believe that there are two nations, there is only one nation, that is India, and Pakistan is part of India. Pakistan was created in pursuance of the wicked British policy of divide and rule and the bogus Two Nation Theory” The purpose of partitioning the country and creating Pakistan was to make Hindus and Muslims keep fighting with each other even after the British withdraw from the subcontinent so that India may remain weak, therefore for promoting the toxic agenda of Britishers it was necessary to divide us on religious lines. I have picked up extracts from his views.

Up to 1857, there were no communal problems in India; all communal riots and animosity began after 1857. No doubt even before 1857, there were differences between Hindus and Muslims, the Hindus going to temples and the Muslims going to mosques, but there was no animosity. In fact, the Hindus and Muslims used to help each other; Hindus used to participate in Eid celebrations, and Muslims in Holi and Diwali. In 1857, the ‘Great Mutiny’ broke out in which the Hindus and Muslims jointly fought against the British. This shocked the British government so much that after suppressing the Mutiny, they decided to start the policy of divide and rule (see online “History in the Service of Imperialism” by B.N. Pande). All communal riots began after 1857, artificially engineered by the British authorities. The British collector would secretly call the Hindu Pandit, pay him money, and tell him to speak against Muslims, and similarly he would secretly call the Maulvi, pay him money, and tell him to speak against Hindus. This communal poison was injected into our body politic year after year and decade after decade.

In 1909, the ‘Minto-Morley Reforms’ introduced separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims. The idea was propagated that Hindi is the language of Hindus, while Urdu of Muslims (although Urdu was the common language of all educated people, whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh up to 1947). All this vicious propaganda resulted in the partition of 1947, which created a fake, artificial theocratic nation called Pakistan.

The creation of a state based on religion destroys the very basis of a nation, because it cuts off industries from markets and raw materials. British imperialism created India as a big administrative unit. The British policy was to prohibit the growth of heavy industry in India; otherwise, the Indian industry, with its cheap labour, would have become a powerful rival to British industry.

When the British left India, they divided us so that we may remain backward and weak, and not emerge as a modern powerful industrial state (for which we have all the potential). This was the real reason for creating Pakistan.

Pakistan was doomed from its very inception; firstly, because there is such tremendous diversity in our subcontinent that only secularism can work here and secondly, because a modern nation cannot be based on religion (because this will cut it off from its markets and raw materials). Here, secularism does not mean that one cannot practice his religion. It means that religion is a private affair, unconnected with the state that will have no religion.

So, lets please stop being surprised and shocked whenever there is some positive development between India and Pakistan (two nations created by bogus two nation theory). In future, if two countries unite; nothing is to be shocked and surprised.


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