India witnessed tremendous attacks on Pathankot Airbase recently. These attacks were not only pre-planned but the role of local Police Authorities is also doubtful as senior officials are stated to be careless in handling the situation. Amongst this brutal attack what doesn’t come to the headlines is the Facebook Hypocrisy. It was witnessed earlier that Facebook allowed its users to change their profile pictures in support of three causes namely LBGT Rights after US Supreme Court declared them legal, in support of Digital India program announced by Narendra Modi during his visit to the United States in September’15 and lastly in support of victims of France Attacks by ISIS.

This time its missing. But is it the only isolated incident which doesn’t carry such large scale campaigns by Facebook. Facebook chose not to come in favour of Palestine victims who are facing killings by Israel forces; Facebook chose not to support Pakistan when over 200 innocent school children were killed in a recent terrorist attack. There are may such incidents which point towards the Selective Conscious and Hypocrisy by large organizations like Facebook. More revealing was the way of reporting by international media like BBC which chose to term these terrorists as Gunmen and didn’t name them Terrorist which they actually were. This is happening when Facebook is largely campaigning for its Free Basics service in India and spending millions over it.

Is it a time for world to unite against Selective Conscious of commercial organizations or developed countries? All men are born equal and no distinction apply to this principle. The Rebel Indian criticizes this deliberate ignorance of important events.

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