It’s an ordinary day in the District Courts complex in Chandigarh. Lawyers are running in the Courts from one Court to another and Judges are doing their routine work as flag bearers of Justice. At this time; an accused is brought into the Court of a Lady Judge who has a movie scheduled with her colleague exactly after 1 hour. With his hands folded he requests the Hon’ble Court that he has been brutally tortured at the end of Police. Judge shows surprise to the development and asks Police Officials regarding this. Hesitating initially the Police Official says that accused is telling lie. The accused was brought for a smaller offence; allegedly tortured. Hon’ble Judge decided to give the accused patient hearing; asked him to make statement. Statements and then explanation of the Police Officials took more than 1 hour and the movie time was gone. Hon’ble Judge keeps sitting for 2 hours more to complete the works. Medical Examination of accused is ordered; which ultimately led to conclusion that contentions of accused were correct. Only few days back Dr. Sukhda Pritam wrote a letter to Governor which ultimately led to exposure of a women trafficking racket in Chandigarh.

Welcome to the Court of Dr. Sukhda Pritam. Bright Judge serving in Chandigarh District Courts since past 3 years. A poet, a brilliant athlete and all topper in academics throughout her life; Dr. Sukhda Pritam has proved her abilities in every sphere of life. Whether it was being Standing Counsel for the State of Haryana; or it is about being a Judicial Magistrate; she has always kept the profession a top. A strict Arya Samaji like her father; Dr. Sukhda Pritam can be seen working in the Courts in late evenings; hearing cases; writing letters to authorities; she has shown that Judicial Activism does not necessarily belong to Higher Courts only; if need arises; basic Courts can also exercise their rights to bring justice for the needy.

The Rebel Indian Community salutes her for her commendable efforts and wish her best of luck for her upcoming possibility of joining District Courts, Rohtak.


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