Union Ministry of Information & Broadcasting deserves all compliments for giving newspaper-advertisements on 23.03.2016 with photos of only Bhagatsingh, Sukhdev and Rajguru to mark Shaheedi Diwas on martyrdom day of trio who were hanged to death by the then British regime in India on 23.03.1931 with no one from Indian leadership reportedly coming to provide them any legal assistance. Best part of these advertisements is that glorification of political rulers is totally avoided in these advertisements even though Supreme Court modified its verdict allowing photos of even concerned minister also alongwith earlier permitted photos of President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India.

Till now India’s real independence-heroes kept forgotten during long regime in most of seven decades after country’s freedom, when Congress projected Mahatma Gandhi as the sole personality behind India’s freedom apart from Nehru-Gandhi family. It is significant that even in Pakistan, Lahore High Court has constituted a five-member bench for re-trial of Bhagatsingh case. Some nationalist elements in Pakistan are making sincere efforts to get rename Shadman Chowk of Lahore after Shaheed Bhaghat Singh.

History-books and commemoration-dates should be re-written for reality removing a brain-washed Indian mindset till now addicted to Gandhi and Nehru only. Since having many public-holidays for each of heroic freedom-fighter may not be feasible, Central government should devise a policy to convert present birth-related holidays of 2nd October and 14th April in extra work-day like suggested by People’s President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. It may then be possible to commemorate birth-anniversaries of more and more deserving ones by declaring these also as extra work-days.

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