The deadly attack on Paris which left 153 dead (as per reports) and the emergency has been imposed only after 1958. ISIS claims responsibility of the attacks.
Some things about the attack on the Pathankot IAF base are obvious. First, something is seriously wrong with our border management in the area. Despite the fencing and presumably heavy patrolling, Pakistani militants seem to get through with surprising ease.
As it's World Toilet Day today, we bring you a video that exposes the reality of public toilets in India. In this video, a young woman is searching for a public ladies toilet in Hyderabad and you'll be shocked to...
Dubbed “Jihadi John” by the British media after video footage of his murderous exploits was seen around the world, Mohammed Emwazi became a symbol.
Text of Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar’s address at a counter-terrorism conference in Jaipur on February 3, 2016.
Russian President Vladimir Putin made a startling revelation at the recently held G20 summit in Turkey, which had pretty much transformed into an anti terrorist meet in the backdrop of the terrorist attack in Paris.
Adel Termos, a Beirut resident out with his young daughter, witnessed a horrific bombing on Thursday. Then he made a split-second decision that saved countless lives. As a second suicide bomber moved toward onlookers clustering at the scene of the...
India witnessed tremendous attacks on Pathankot Airbase recently. These attacks were not only pre-planned but the role of local Police Authorities is also doubtful as senior officials are stated to be careless in handling the situation. Amongst this brutal attack what doesn't come to the headlines is the Facebook Hypocrisy.
In this 2-minute long video, some Pakistani Muslim guys have come together to condemn the recent massive Paris attacks that horrified the people around the world. While praying for the safety security of the world, these guys say that they are also from such a nation where these incidents are common.





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