The global climate conference held in Paris ended Saturday with the approval of an agreement that commits none of the 196 signatory nations to a single action. The 31-page document sets nonbinding targets for the emission of greenhouse gases, based on voluntary submissions by each country, which in many cases do not even represent a reduction in projected future emissions.
Modi Takes Question on Intolerance, Ducks 2002 Riots Query, Clarifies Travel Ban Issue. This is for the first time in history.
The situation in Nepal is deteriorating as its political transition and adoption of a new constitution has been marred by protests and violence that followed. The protests which are being led by the Madhesis who feel deprived of their rights in...
India’s Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is paying an official visit to Israel this week, the third high profile Indian visit to Israel in less than two years, a reflection of the new normal that is India's deepening engagement with the Jewish state.
For an hour or more, the (English) news channels were getting the results of the Bihar election wrong by a long margin. The initial trends were wrong, followed by hasty conlcusions about the verdict in Bihar. One anchor even...
Atheists, peaceful protesters and those who go to fight abroad have all been brought under the auspices of new "anti-terror" laws
Pakistani ghazal singer Ghulam Ali, whose concert in Mumbai was called off after resistance from the Shiv Sena, has cancelled all his scheduled performances in the country, saying that he won’t return to India until “things are settled down”. “I...
Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri, the former foreign minister of Pakistan visited New Delhi during the first week of October to release the Indian edition of his memoirs, ‘Neither a hawk nor a dove’. The book is considered to be the...
Syria recently renewed its call for India to play an active role in resolving the conflict there. While India has thus far preferred to stand on the side-lines, evolving dynamics in the Middle East could compel it to develop...
Honourable President and Honourable Prime Minister, It is with a heavy heart, that I write this open letter to you at a time when our beloved country and people are facing severe challenges and threats to our shared heritage. I have...





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