Being dangerously close to turning 30 (alright, alright I know I have three more years to go), I sometimes look back on my life as a teenager and I come to the conclusion that I’m quite happy about outgrowing that...
The story begins with a 37-year-old software developer who decided to give back to what he came from. 13 months, 300 farmers, 36 crores economictimes In 13 months, this decision has rippled and changed the lives of 300 farmers in his home...
Well-known adivasi leader Manish Kunjam speaks on the serious threats to adivasi identity today   As president of the All-India Adivasi Mahasabha, affiliated to the Communist Party of India (CPI), Manish Kunjam, one of the best known adivasi leaders in the...
Author in this article point outs to a basic question. Do we have any such study in India as to how many terrorist sleeper cells are in India.
While ending long bias prevalent since ages; Kerala Writes History With India’s First Transgender Policy. Read more
The global climate conference held in Paris ended Saturday with the approval of an agreement that commits none of the 196 signatory nations to a single action. The 31-page document sets nonbinding targets for the emission of greenhouse gases, based on voluntary submissions by each country, which in many cases do not even represent a reduction in projected future emissions.
The government has mooted a new Civil Aviation Policy to be effective next year. Among other things, the government proposes to come up with a Regional Connectivity Scheme to make use of the unused airstrips across the country. To...
Juvenile legislation provides for a distinct system to deal with all children who have committed offences, irrespective of the crime committed. Reformation and rehabilitation as opposed to punishment is the essence of juvenile justice – treatment of a child who has committed an offence depends on the child’s circumstances, and not solely on the nature of the offence.
The deadly attack on Paris which left 153 dead (as per reports) and the emergency has been imposed only after 1958. ISIS claims responsibility of the attacks.
Sometimes in life what we miss are the little things which make humanity beautiful. These little things which don't matter for majority of population but they are good enough to make everyone believe that humanity do exist. One such...





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