Despite All the Assurances, What Veterans Have Got is One Rank, Many Pensions. There are large number of disparities in the OROP scheme announced by the Government; forcing the veterans to return their medals.
In an unprecedented step; the local Court of Dr. Sukhda Pritam, JMIC Chandigarh, the then Duty Magistrate Chandigarh on 05.09.2015 took stringent view of allegations of custodial torture by the accused produced in the Court. Enquiry of the same...
Being dangerously close to turning 30 (alright, alright I know I have three more years to go), I sometimes look back on my life as a teenager and I come to the conclusion that I’m quite happy about outgrowing that...
In late September, global leaders convened for the United Nation’s General Assembly in NYC and adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 goals aimed at solving the world’s social and environmental challenges. The SDGs extend the...
For an hour or more, the (English) news channels were getting the results of the Bihar election wrong by a long margin. The initial trends were wrong, followed by hasty conlcusions about the verdict in Bihar. One anchor even...
Till now India’s real independence-heroes kept forgotten during long regime in most of seven decades after country’s freedom, when Congress projected Mahatma Gandhi as the sole personality behind India’s freedom apart from Nehru-Gandhi family. It is significant that even in Pakistan, Lahore High Court has constituted a five-member bench for re-trial of Bhagatsingh case. Some nationalist elements in Pakistan are making sincere efforts to get rename Shadman Chowk of Lahore after Shaheed Bhaghat Singh
The global climate conference held in Paris ended Saturday with the approval of an agreement that commits none of the 196 signatory nations to a single action. The 31-page document sets nonbinding targets for the emission of greenhouse gases, based on voluntary submissions by each country, which in many cases do not even represent a reduction in projected future emissions.
19-Year-old Gang Rape Victim to Receive 200 Lashes and 6 Months in Jail in Saudi Arabia. The same has been done keeping in view of her offence of speaking in public.
2015 has been a year of refugees, victories for same-sex couples, royal births, World Cups, and debt crises. Each new year brings different highs and lows, and with so much going on, news outlets tend to focus on only the most recent of...
“Aunty Namaste, Behanji Namaskar!” Almost every person from the Khoda Colony of Ghaziabad, UP, greets Dorris Francis – the lady in white salwar kameej- while crossing the National Highway-24. Most of them do not even know her name, but...





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