Juvenile legislation provides for a distinct system to deal with all children who have committed offences, irrespective of the crime committed. Reformation and rehabilitation as opposed to punishment is the essence of juvenile justice – treatment of a child who has committed an offence depends on the child’s circumstances, and not solely on the nature of the offence.
We live in the age of social media, where everything is a click away, where one page connects thousands. In this scenario, one man decides to use the network for the benefit of his people. Prasanth Nair, district collector, Kozhikode,...
We live in a really interesting world, but more interesting is the human mind; every human mind. The human mind has the potential to beat any conventional notion that we may have about human relations, behaviour and even political competitions. Representational...
Many celebrities, historical figures, and world leaders had humble beginnings and rough starts to life that ended up shaping their perspective. Overcoming adversity  develops qualities that humans often look to for guidance and leadership. Education and opportunity need to...
Addressing an audience can be nerve racking for most, but not for 10 year old Eunice Akoth. With the confidence and fearlessness few possess, Eunice recently took the stage at the Women in the World Summit and gave a passionate...
19-Year-old Gang Rape Victim to Receive 200 Lashes and 6 Months in Jail in Saudi Arabia. The same has been done keeping in view of her offence of speaking in public.
On September 4m, 2014, Aniket Ambhore, a fourth year dual degree electrical engineering student at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, committed suicide. He was a Dalit student. After his death Aniket’s parents Sunita and Sanjay Ambhore submitted a 10-page testimony to the IITB director which raised the various forms of caste-discriminations faced by Aniket in the campus. After this, an enquiry committee was set up to look into the circumstances of the death. In spite of continuous demands from Aniket’s family and friends the report has not been made public or even shared with IITB community.
It’s an ordinary day in the District Courts complex in Chandigarh. Lawyers are running in the Courts from one Court to another and Judges are doing their routine work as flag bearers of Justice. At this time; an accused is brought into the Court of a Lady Judge who has a movie scheduled with her colleague exactly after 1 hour.
Uniformed policemen lined the road and chains and locks were strung across the gates to prevent latecomers into the packed hall. It wasn’t a Z-category politician coming to speak, but an 83-year-old academic. ‘Indian Society and the Secular’ was the topic,...
Championing Gond culture Every Dasara, huge Ravana figures are burnt in various parts of the country. The act is perceived as a triumph of good over evil. However, Ravana’s negative portrayal is not unanimously accepted across India. Many communities in...





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